Where to Use Sika Products on your House Exterior

Whether it’s the intense heat during Summer (or even Spring these days) or the wet and wild conditions during Winter, the exterior of your home is exposed to the harsh Australian conditions all year round and if it’s not properly maintained, areas such as the seals around your window sills and guttering can being to shrink, peel away or disintegrate completely, creating gaps and the potential for water to make its way inside and cause some serious damage to your home.

Exterior features such as timber architraves and awnings can also suffer damage due to the weather, especially if water has managed to get past the paint or protective coating. This results in rot which, if not repaired quickly can seriously affect the structural integrity of the feature piece (no-one wants their awning collapsing during a storm!)

Never fear! We’ve put together a simple yet handy infographic that shows which Sika product can help keep your window and gutter seals watertight and ensure those important components last the distance.

House Exterior DIY Infographic-FINAL


Sikaflex-11FC V2Sikaflex-11FC is a one part, moisture curing, elastic joint sealant and
multipurpose adhesive designed for indoor and outdoor applications. making it perfect for external applications involving timber.

More info on Sikaflex-11FC

Sikasil AP is a multi-purpose silicone sealant designed specially for outdoor applications such as sealing gaps in roofs and guttering. It’s resistance to UV and weathering means it’ll offer a long-term, watertight solution for your house exterior.

More info on Sikasil AP

Sikaflex PRO V2Sikaflex-PRO is a multi-purpose polyurethane based joint sealant that’s used around the world by DIY’ers, tradies and professional construction workers every single day. Although it comes in a range of colours to match your house exterior, it can be painted out, meaning you can apply it BEFORE you paint your window sils or surround area.

More info on Sikaflex PRO

All products featured in the infographic can be found at all good hardware stores across Australia.

For more information on about of these products, head over to our main website by clicking HERE


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